The Tao is gradually plummeting into endangerment
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alain rana
2015-09-14 06:48:51 UTC
The tau cross of Kaballah

the gnostic cross

p p f

past present future

I'm gradually plummeting into endangerment with the tao
I follow the tao
the tao is lead to Algiz rune
the choir of cross, gnostic and ecclesia
the spear of neptune
the tao is lead
the tao is leader

I'm gradually plummeting into endangerment
alain rana
2015-09-14 11:36:28 UTC
Solar patriarchy is greater than lunar matriarchy

Social engineering/indoctrination/war machine is greater than the Tao

Solar war machine is greater than lunar technocracy
alain rana
2015-09-14 11:45:11 UTC
Solar indoctrination psychomechanoids

Lunar tao psychomechanistics

Brain augmented automatons

Athens cave of shadows
Plato's the republic Sparta (the sun)

Form of forms

The ideas

The Republic by Plato

Nietzsche, thus spake Zarathustra