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Sábado, 11 de Marzo, 2017 de Nuestro Salvador Jesucristo, Guayaquil, Ecuador-Iberoamérica

(Cartas del cielo son escritas por Iván Valarezo)


The time came, when our heavenly Father began to speak to Jacob, His servant, through his son Joseph, who was the youngest of his eleven brothers, and the Lord showed Jacob that he along with his wife and the children will bow low to his youngest son in a foreign land. Thus Jacob said: your mother and I along with your twelve brothers will bow low to you? And his son Joseph said: Yes, you will.

This is when his half-brothers could not continue to speak to him as their brother as usual, because their father Jacob loved him more than anyone else in the family, and so, it was difficult for them to see him much less speak to him kindly. This was our heavenly Father’s hands not just over Jacob and his entire family but especially with Joseph, because through him, He was going to manifest His entire Plan of salvation to the nations as they may come to know the power of His holy name fire that will enrich them immensely, forever.

But, for this to be possible then our heavenly Father needed to get Joseph away from his family so he may go to live in the land of Egypt, where He had prepared the land of Goshen for Israel to descend with his children thus to make them into the nation of His dreams blessing the nations throughout the world, into eternity. For this is the nation of families that our heavenly Father has always dreamed to possess someday thus to exalt the glory of His holy name fire over Mount Zion, and where He will manifest His endless richness but also His amazing love for humankind, so they may finally learn to live with Him in heaven’s glory, forever blessed.

Surely, our heavenly Father had chosen Joseph to be the one that will interpret His dreams that He will manifest within the land of Egypt not only to the officials of Pharaoh but also to him, because the interpretation of His dreams will mean the richness of Israel and the nations of the world until His new kingdom may finally come. However, Jacob had sent his children to pastor his flocks where the animals will be able to graze the lush pasture, moreover drink the fresh water of the land, so his flocks will be kept well nourished and healthy, so they may multiply healthier than the other animals in the area.

However, few days had gone by, then it occurred to Jacob to send his youngest son Joseph thus to find out how well his brothers were doing and to see if they had met any difficulties where they were grazing the flocks, because Jacob was worried for their well-being in a distant land. Without waiting, Joseph obeying his father Jacob went on his journey walking through the vast fields to meet his brothers, to see how well they were doing, so he may return to his father and give him a report about them and the flocks.

However, walking to the places where his half-brothers were supposed to be grazing the flocks, he realized that they were not there, that they had gone somewhere else, searching for a lush pasture land where they could feed the entire herds of flocks. But, Joseph had not idea where his brothers had gone, and so, he met a man on his way walking towards where his brothers where supposed to be grazing the flocks, and the man asked him: What you are doing here alone, and where you are heading to?

Apprehensively, Joseph said: I am looking for my brothers that are pasturing my father’s herds of flocks, but I fail to see them anywhere around the area. Have you seen them? And the man (must likely our Lord Jesus Christ) said: They were here, grazing the flocks, but they decided to go somewhere else to graze the animals in better and leafy lands, because this land around here is dried and almost lifeless.

The man said to Joseph that his brothers had gone to Dothan to graze the flocks there, because the land is leafy as what they need for the flocks to spend few days there until they may return home with the animal’s bellies full. Instantly, Joseph turned to Dothan, which was not far from where he was, and he found his brothers there, grazing the flocks, as they were told to do by his father Jacob. Unexpectedly, his brothers saw him approaching where they were grazing the animals that they finally said: Here is the dreamer; this is our opportunity to get rid of him.

Then, they plotted just to kill him, and so they ran towards him and grabbed him to through him into a cistern that was empty nearby, and they just wanted to keep him there until they finally decide what to do with him—with the hope that no one will realize what was about to happen to him. Obviously, the idea was to take his colored cloak that his father Jacob had given him to drench it with the blood from one of the animals that they will sacrifice for food on that day, and later, take the bloody cloak and put it on their father’s hands to recognize it as his son’s.

They wanted to make their father Jacob believe that his son Joseph had been devoured by a wild animal from the area, because they just did not want to see him back home with them anymore, so they will not have to put up with his dreams that scared them and, above all, he was loved by Jacob more than anyone else. But, when they were about to leave their brother Joseph at the bottom of the pit, just to let him succumb there with lack of water and food, and then they said: Why not just sale him to this caravan of Ishmaelite and like this we will not have to kill him as we have planned to do with him. And finally we will get rid of him without having to kill him, and so, we will never see him home again playing with us and been loved by our father Jacob more than he would normally love each one of us.

(This is the day that our heavenly Father was waiting, because He was the One that purposely sold Joseph to the Ishmaelite for twenty pieces of silver, and this is that ten pieces of silver were for His Son Jesus Christ and the other ten pieces were for the Holy Spirit, so he may go ahead to be sold in Egypt. His Son Jesus Christ was sold later in Canaan by Judah Iscariot, for thirty pieces of silver: ten pieces were for our Father, the other ten for His Son and the last ten for His Spirit, because they were ascending to the Mount Zion to lift ancient Israel from the Valley of the dried bones, to the Valley of eternal life.)

Once Joseph had been sold to Potiphar, captain of the guard in Egypt, by the Ishmaelite traders, then he started his ministry to serve our heavenly Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit, because wherever he was placed in charge to do his daily duties, then everything that he touched was blessed with richness and perfection that people became amazed, as always. Moreover, our heavenly Father was blessing Joseph tremendously by His Son Jesus Christ’s presence along with the Holy Spirit, because every thing that he will touch to do that had been finally placed into his personal care, then it was blessed tremendously that people began to trust him even with their homes, possessions, and families.

But, Satan needed to destroy him and his ministry, because he could see that Joseph was certainly doing our heavenly Father’s work along with His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that help him by blessing everything that he will put his hands to work—for our Father was looking forward to impress tremendously Pharaoh and his officials with Joseph’s reputation. And for this to be possible then our heavenly Father had to have Pharaoh to throw into jail two of his officials: one was a cupbearer, and the other was a baker.

Both of them had dreams in the same night while serving jail time, but they failed to understand them, and so, they became very sad since they needed to know the meaning of the dreams, for there was no one nearby to interpret them. However, by Joseph contemplating that the two Egyptian officers were sadden, too sadden to be overlooked by anyone in the room, then he asked them why their faces were so sad that was causing other people to wonder what was wrong with them—for they were making everyone else sad in that sadden jail already.

And they both told him about the dreams that they had had through the night, but no one was nearby to help them interpret them, because they felt that they needed to know the meaning of them immediately, so they may know what was going to happen to them in the days ahead. This is when Joseph offered the opportunity to interpret the two dreams, because Joseph said that the meaning of the dreams only belongs to our heavenly Father to manifest them entirely in their individual meanings, and so, he was there to help them know their meanings from our Father in heaven.

Then, the cupbearer said my dream was that I had a handful of grapes and I squeezed its juice into the cup of Pharaoh to drink. Next the baker said my dream was that I was on top of a tree, with a basket over my head filled with bread and cakes, and the birds would descend to eat from the basket until it became empty over my head.

Then, Joseph said to the cupbearer, this is the interpretation of your dream: You will squeeze grapes into Pharaoh’s cup and he will drink it to his pleasure, restoring you immediately to your previous position as his official. After that, Joseph said to the baker the basket over your head filled with bread and cakes will be eaten by the birds descending to the tree to eat from you.

And this is the interpretation of your dream Joseph said: You will serve the bread and cake to Pharaoh and then he will order that you will be hang on the tree to die, because he will not want to send you to jail again. Then, both of Pharaoh’s officials were released from prison and Joseph asked them to remember him when they will see Pharaoh, and let him know that he was the one that interpret the dreams, so he may release him from prison, because he just did not want to stay there any longer than what he had already been there.

Now, our heavenly Father had finally been able to have Joseph interpret properly two dreams that made him famous through the body of Pharaoh’s close officials in his palace, because the cupbearer as well the baker spoke to everyone about Joseph, and how he had interpret their dreams with precision. That is to say, that the baker was hand on the tree to die, while the cup bear was restored to his position just as Joseph had interpret the dreams from God in heaven.

Then, once Joseph had built his reputation as God’s interpreter for dreams before the Egyptian officials and finally Pharaoh, immediately our heavenly Father was ready to have Pharaoh dreaming His dreams that will bless not only Egypt but also the families of the nations, because the richness that was coming upon earth was followed by extreme famine. Timely, Pharaoh had had his two dreams, but everyone within his kingdom failed to interpret them, to the point that he became very angry with his best people that he was ready to put them to death, if they continue to fail to interpret his dreams that he needed to know their individual interpretations immediately.

Pharaoh’s dream was of seven excellent looking fatten caws at the river bank that he was very pleased to see them, but, then he saw seven ugly looking ones that were very skinny at the same place emerging from the water that they started to eat the superior looking fatten cows, however, the ugly looking ones failed to gain size. For the ugly looking cows that had eaten the execellent looking ones continued to look as ugly and skinny as before although they had eaten the wonderful looking fatten ones, and this really distressed Pharaoh so much that he just did not know what to make of it anymore, and every one failed to tell him what everything meant to his kingdom.

Moreover, the second dream that Pharaoh had, it was that there were seven excellent grains that were before him then, all the sudden, seven ugly withered ones appeared ready to eat the fine looking ones that were big and filled with nutrients that when they were eaten by the dried ones then nothing was left for any one else to eat anymore. Therefore, because Pharaoh had become very angry and depressed with his wise men since they failed to interpret his dreams and they just did not have anything to tell him about his thoughts that he decided to have them put to death at once, so he may feel better about his wicked dreams after all.

Then, the news came to Joseph that Pharaoh had ordered that his wise men may be executed at once, including the Jews, because every one had failed to interpret his dreams that were depressing him, because he needed to have them explained with its individual meaning—but, no one was near him to help him instead he became more confused. This is when the cupbearer remembered Joseph and the interpretation of his dream and that of the baker as well that was hanged on the tree to breathe his last, by order of Pharaoh that he explained to his majesty the King that Joseph was the only one possible that could interpret his distressing dreams.

This is when Pharaoh became convinced of the cupbearer’s testimony about Joseph that he decided to summon him, so he may have his dreams finally explained and know the meaning of them to him and to his kingdom. Thoughtfully, Joseph told the officers that Pharaoh had sent out to muster all the wise men of the land so they may be killed in the same day since everyone in his kingdom had failed to interpret his dreams that they must not kill anyone, he advised them, because he was now ready to see Pharaoh to interpret his dreams.

Immediately, Joseph shaved his beard and dressed his best to stand in the presence of Pharaoh and his officials to hear from him, and finally give him the interpretation of the dreams that only our heavenly Father could grant him the interpretations, so he may know what was to take place in the years to come in his kingdom. Joseph said to Pharaoh both dreams have the same meaning, the seven fatten great-looking cows represent seven years of prosperity send by our heavenly Father from heaven above with powerful blessings upon the entire world, and the seven ugly looking ones that ate the fine looking ones are seven years of famine that will plague the nations until they are dangerously starved.

Now, Joseph immediately recommended Pharaoh to choose the best of his people to collect and store-up the crops and richness that will pour upon Egypt, so when the seven years of famine may come upon earth then everyone everywhere will have plenty of food to eat until the seven years of famine are gone. And Pharaoh looked around to see who he may appoint as his leader to administer the seven years of good crops and amazing richness that will come upon the entire land of Egypt, so this richness may be properly store-up in warehouses to confront the seven years of famine that will come eventually upon the entire world.

Pharaoh could not trust any one else to lead this program of accumulating the richness that will rain upon Egypt and the nations for seven years, so they may be in stored in warehouses throughout Egypt ready to face the seven years of famine that were coming to cause havoc to humankind, forever. However, Pharaoh said to Joseph there is no one else before me today that can qualify as much as you do to lead this program to accumulate the richness that is about to rain upon the entire world for seven years, and so, you will be the leader and only I will be higher in command after you.

Only I will be greater than you on throne throughout Egypt, and so, whatever you may say and do then you must be obeyed for this program that you will lead to run properly and smoothly always, but, only I will be higher in rank over you on the throne, so my kingdom may live in richness and never succumb to famine. Certainly, our heavenly Father had really blessed Joseph and made him second-in-command throughout Egypt, only Pharaoh was higher on the throne, so He may finally open the windows from heaven, according to His dreams, for His blessings to pour upon the entire world, for He needed to bless Egypt as no other nation had ever been blessed before on earth.

For our heavenly Father needed to impress and convince Jacob that Egypt was been govern by his son Joseph that he thought that had died, and that Egypt was rich to live in there with his family of sixty-six along with Joseph’s family of four, so they may be seventy all together to give birth to Israel as a nation, finally. For our heavenly Father had told Abraham that his children will be born in captivity to live there for four-hundred years, but after they had completed their years in captivity, then He will visit his children to judge the nation for what they had done to them thus to liberate them to possess a better land to live with Him, at last.

Now, our heavenly Father needed Jacob to descend into Egypt to live with Joseph, because he was going to feed him and his children abundantly, so they may finally become the nation born in captivity to accumulate all the sins from the families of the nations, so He may take them to His altar for their final destruction in one day. Certainly that Jacob was very impressed and convinced finally, because he descended to see his son Joseph that he thought to be dead and that now he lived there because of the famine that was about to take on the entire world, for the next five remaining years, given that when Jacob arrived in Egypt two years of famine had already elapsed.

Therefore, it was important for our heavenly Father to enrich Egypt above the nations of the world not only because Israel was going to become a nation born in captivity, but also, because Egypt was the nation that He had chosen to collect all the sins from all the families of the nations without ever missing a single one unto the last. These are the world’s sins from the past, present and future that our heavenly Father did not want Jacob and his family collecting in Canaan, but this had to be done in a foreign land as Egypt, and then, when the time had come take Israel into the Red sea for water baptism, so He my destroy sin in the sacred-flesh, perpetually.

For our heavenly Father had known that they would bow to Satan as he presented himself as the golden calf emerging from the oven, where Aaron had thrown the gold jewelry received from the Egyptians in the night as they fled captivity to possess Canaan, so they may finally serve God over His ancient altar of love, destroying sin, forever, in the sacred-flesh. This was our heavenly Father’s Plan of Salvation for Israel and the families of the nations that Israel may be born in captivity suffering the sins of the entire human race, for four-hundred years, finally to baptize them in the Red sea to receive the sacred-flesh where they will die in the desert.

Because our heavenly Father needed every man, woman and child from the twelve tribes of Israel to descend into the Valley of dried bones, for their sacred-flesh suffering the sins of the world, finally to turn into the dust that will give life to the trees in Canaan, for the King Messiah to be born as the carpenter to cut them. All this work had to be done by His Son Jesus Christ, because our heavenly Father said to Moses: This is my Angel, indeed this is His temple to the holy name fire, because Moses was told to listen and obey him, since he would not forgive sin much less any rebellion for His holy name fire’s eternal glories throughout eternity.

Therefore, it was His Son Jesus Christ that took the sacred-flesh from Israel that had turned into dust in the Sinai’s desert to give them life as the trees crying out to our Father in heaven to give them His Son savior, so he may lift them to Mount Zion, where His altar of the eternal love will receive them at last. This was our heavenly Father’s Plan of Salvation that could have never be accomplished anywhere around the world, except with Abraham and his children, because He had made a covenant of life with him and his children that were to be born in future generations, to exalt His holy name fire over the top of the world, forever into all eternity.

And for His holy work to be possible, then our heavenly Father had to pour richness over the world that only Joseph that is His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit could collect these seven years of blessing pouring everywhere because of Israel, but also along with these years of blessings, Satan is to send his seven years of famine. Surely, our heavenly Father has never failed to grant Israel according to His covenant of life established with Abraham and his children the seven years of blessings, because He told Abraham as well Isaac and Jacob that He will grant them children countless as the stars from heaven above, but also, give them the richness to grant them His very rich life.

However, since Satan still wants the world for his kingdom of darkness, then he has to send timely, following the seven years of great blessings from our heavenly Father, his seven years of famine, embarking everything that causes conflicts, infirmities, famine, wars, death and holocausts, so the world will fail to be conquered by His holy name fire for His new kingdom. That is why, that we have seen Israel come and go through the history of the world, because the seven years of blessings were always on time from our heavenly Father to replenish the earth with His blessings that will comprehend crops filled with the well-being blessing for every man, woman and child within Israel and the children to be born, as well.

In other words, every blessing that our heavenly Father will send from heaven above will be crops filled with the nutrients providing a healthy life to every one within Israel and the children to be born in the years ahead, because they will be well nourished but also receive the medicine to keep them always living that rich life send from above. However, Satan will always follow our heavenly Father’s seven years of blessings accumulating richness worldwide, whether Joseph with His Son and His Spirit is present: the blessing will come nonetheless for Satan to move with his seven years of famine and terrible conflicts ending normally with hidden cataclysm for the nations to suffer incessantly.

Because the covenant of life that our heavenly Father started with Abraham is to bless the nations, for He said: You will become the father of a great nation, but also, He said to him that he will be the father of many nations, because blessing will come upon them through His seed, this is seven years of progressive blessing from heaven above. Besides, our heavenly Father had to send always His blessings from heaven above, because the children were coming just as they came through the days of Joseph in Egypt, and so, He had to send His seven years of abundant blessing thus to bless the children that were to be born, blessing as well the families of the nations throughout the world.

For this is the Plan of Salvation not only was to enrich Abraham’s children with more children every generation coming upon earth for the glory of His holy name fire that they will finally lift over His ancient altar of love within Canaan, but also to enrich the families of the nations, eradicating poverty, conflicts, and sickness always with His seed blessings. This is a trend of blessings that our heavenly Father has always been faithful to fulfill with the children of Abraham, although Joseph passed away in Egypt doing His will to enrich the land for Israel to become the nation that He needed to glorify His holy name fire over His ancient altar, in Canaan.

That is to say, also that our heavenly Father has always continued to send His seven years of blessings from heaven above upon the entire earth, especially within Israel, because the children promised to the patriarchs of Israel had to be born without fail (or delay), so abundant richness had to be the foundation first to receive them, as always, persistently. Now, Satan had to send continuously his seven years of famine throughout the land, because he was never willing to lose the earth to our heavenly Father’s will and the nation that He had prepared not only to eradicate sin from civilization, through the power of the sacred-flesh, but also turn the old world into a new earth with glorious skies, forever.

Moreover, that is why that His seven years of richness, established within the covenant of life with Abraham, had to come just as sure as the children were in the generations ahead, so they may be born in richness just as ancient Israel was received in Egypt’s richness, for His holy name fire had to be established over His altar of love. However, Satan had to continue to come against Israel and the nations of the world with his seven years of famine, so our heavenly Father’s holy name fire will fail to be established over Mount Zion, within Abraham and Isaac’s fire of the prehistoric love, descended from heaven above, which had to be ignited for every one to become baptized.

For this is the baptism of the Holy Spirit of His great grace, of His great mercy, of His great truth and of His great divine justice, so every man, woman and child within Israel and the families of the nations may become reborn from His image and His living-soul as His legitimate child thus to enter heaven’s glory, forever justified. Inasmuch as, it was at His altar of His prehistoric love, where not only Abraham had to be reborn from His holy name fire and the Holy Spirit of grace, mercy, truth and divine justice but also his incoming children along with the children from all the families of the nations, so they may become gods serving Him over His ancient altar, everlastingly.

In the Psalms is written where our heavenly Father called Israel: gods, because they were bound to the Valley of dried bones, while their sacred-flesh stained with the sins of the nations turned into dust finally into His trees crying for the King Messiah to lift them to His ancient altar of love with the holy name fire nailed to them, forever. This is when our heavenly Father put an end to sin from the entire world in one day as His Son Jesus Christ, who had destroyed Satan with all his lies, curses, infirmities, conflicts, and death in hell’s torment, was victorious forever within Israel, so these victories were nailed to the wood of the house of Israel, for everyone’s eternal salvation worldwide.

That is why, that not only Israel became gods before our heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit over the altar of His eternal love as He finished with sin, forever, but also every man, woman and child from all the families of the nations will become God’s children, if they only become baptized in His holy name fire. Prophetically, our heavenly Father is about to send again His Son Jesus Christ upon the entire earth, but this time he wants to meet you baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit over the altar of the prehistoric love, descended from heaven above with Isaac and the Holy Spirit, so you may live never to see death but only glory, everlastingly.

Through history, we have witness our heavenly Father sending faithfully His seven years of blessings upon the entire house of Israel and the nations as well in great abundances, perhaps greater than the blessings that poured upon Egypt while Israel lived there, but also, without noticing it, Satan with his seven years of famine to destroy everything that God had sent. We have seen Israel enriched as the children were born, because our heavenly Father needed them blessed powerfully with the richness from old, but, perhaps richness greater than ever, for the love of His holy name fire over His ancient altar, but also, we have seen Israel disappeared through time mysteriously in hidden calamities of the unstoppable seven ugly looking frail cows.

Israel, through time, they have returned to their forefathers waiting as usual over the ancient altar of love, where their sacred-flesh that turned into dust finally to become the wood receiving with nails our heavenly Father’s holy name fire lifted high over the world victorious over evil forever, are still there, receiving the children to stay until they return to Israel again. In other words, every time that someone dies from Israel or anywhere around the world, then this soul is lifted to our Father’s ancient altar of the prehistoric love that was conquered by ancient Israel as His Son cut the trees to the wood receiving His holy name fire with nails over the top of the world victorious over death finally, forever.

That is why, that our heavenly Father promised to Israel that He will be their sanctuary wherever He may send them through the nations of the world to live, because they had failed to serve Him through water baptism and the Holy Spirit baptism over His ancient altar of the prehistoric love that is stationed as always over Jerusalem, His chosen home-sweet-home. That is to say, that our heavenly Father has always faithfully waited for Israel to return to Him at His altar of love, because although they were scattered all over the world, then our Father along with His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit had always waited to receive them with His abundant and undying grace, mercy, truth and divine justice.

At your local temple’s altar, our heavenly Father is waiting still for you, so you may acknowledge Him and His holy name fire nailed to the sacred-flesh that was born in Egypt’s captivity to live the sins of the nations thus to put an end to evil over His altar of love, in one day, as His Son’s atoning-blood was shed entirely. That is to say, also that every time that you may approach His altar of His holy name fire along with His oven of grace, mercy, truth and divine justice burning passionately for you and your loved ones, including your friends, then you are recognizing His holy name for salvation, therefore you are finally recognized in heaven’s glory into eternity.

Provided that, if you fail to recognize Him and His holy name fire at His altar of His prehistoric love that is at your local temple waiting ever since He promised to be there for you, given that His House Will be Called the House of Prayer for the Nations, then He will fail to recognize you in His book of life. That is why, that our heavenly Father will wait for you as always to make that important approach to His altar at your local temple, because you need to recognize His holy name fire in your life along with your loved ones, including your friends, so He may recognize you in His book of life.

Because, if your name fails to be written in the book of life, then this means that you have failed to get baptized in water by invoking the perfect holiness of His name, His Son and the Holy Spirit, moreover you have failed to get baptized in His Spirit of grace, mercy, truth and divine justice—thus your name is missing in heaven. Besides, our heavenly Father needs to recognize your name in His book of life, but you must recognize His holy name fire first nailed to your forefather’s sacred-flesh that became the wood over His ancient altar of His eternal love for you, so He may recognize your name finally in His book and before His holy angels in heaven’s glory, forever.

For this is the only way possible that you will live a blessed life on earth and in heaven, because you have been baptized in water by invoking His holy name fire and that of His Son along with His Spirit, so your name may appear in His book only to be followed by love, grace, mercy, truth and divine justice, perpetually. For our heavenly Father has always saved the seven years of blessings that you with your children missed because of the seven years of the ugly and skinny looking cows that came always from Satan to eat you up with all your richness, so you may receive them again abundantly as you acknowledge His holy name fire in your heart for salvation.

These seven years of richness that you missed along with your children are stored in His ancient altar of love, where His holy name fire is burning passionately for you in the wood that once was the sacred-flesh that you ancestors lived taking on the sins of the nations, finally to destroy them with holy fire at the altar of love, forever. Satan will have you believe that your ancestors are dead when they are not, because they are alive and well enjoying our heavenly Father’s love for Israel along with His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the angelical hosts that are there to serve God and His children that is you, Abraham’s children, along with the families of the nations.

All your blessings will return to you, as you are baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit, because this is when the entire altar of the prehistoric love will work with you and your children as well to come in the generations ahead, because you will have to glorify His holy name fire filled with His amazing richness at last. For this richness that our heavenly Father has accumulated over His altar of love for you and your children to return soon to Israel, then they will be there in Israel for years to come as more seven years of blessing will continue to pour upon you, because our heavenly Father is going to make of Israel His eternal home-sweet-home with you. Amen!

¡Cultura y paz para todos, hoy y siempre!

Saludos cordiales a todos

Dígale al Señor, nuestro Padre Celestial, de todo corazón, en el nombre del Señor Jesucristo: Nuestras almas te aman, Señor. Nuestras almas te adoran, Padre nuestro. Nuestras almas te rinden gloria y honra a tu nombre y obra santa y sobrenatural, en la tierra y en el cielo, también, para siempre, Padre Celestial, en el nombre de tu Hijo amado, nuestro Señor Jesucristo.


Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos: santificada sea la memoria de tu nombre que mora dentro de Jesucristo, tu hijo amado. Venga tu reino, sea hecha tu voluntad, como en el cielo así también en la tierra. El pan nuestro de cada día, dánoslo hoy. Perdónanos nuestras deudas, como también nosotros perdonamos a nuestros deudores. Y no nos metas en tentación, mas líbranos del mal. Porque tuyo es el reino, el poder y la gloria por todos los siglos. Amén.

Porque si perdonáis a los hombres sus ofensas, vuestro Padre Celestial también os perdonará a vosotros. Pero si no perdonáis a los hombres, tampoco vuestro Padre os perdonará vuestras ofensas.

Por lo tanto, el Señor Jesús dijo, "Yo soy el CAMINO, y la VERDAD, y la VIDA ETERNA; nadie PUEDE VENIR al PADRE SANTO, sino es POR MÍ”. Juan 14:





- Reconoce que eres PECADOR en necesidad, de ser SALVO de éste MUNDO y su MUERTE.

Dispónte a dejar el pecado (arrepiéntete):

Cree que Jesucristo murió por ti, fue sepultado y resucito al tercer día por el Poder Sagrado del Espíritu Santo y deja que entré en tu vida y sea tu ÚNICO SALVADOR Y SEÑOR EN TU VIDA.

QUIZÁ TE PREGUNTES HOY: ¿QUE ORAR? O ¿CÓMO ORAR? O ¿QUÉ DECIRLE AL SEÑOR SANTO EN ORACIÓN? -HAS LO SIGUIENTE, y di: Dios mío, soy un pecador y necesito tu perdón. Creo que Jesucristo ha derramado su SANGRE PRECIOSA y ha muerto por mi pecado. Estoy dispuesto a dejar mi pecado. Invito a Cristo a venir a mi corazón y a mi vida, como mi SALVADOR.

¿Aceptaste a Jesús, como tu Salvador? ¿Sí _____? O ¿No _____?

¿Fecha? ¿Sí ____? O ¿No _____?

Si tu respuesta fue Si, entonces esto es solo el principio de una nueva maravillosa vida en Cristo. Ahora:

Lee la Biblia cada día para conocer mejor a Cristo. Habla con Dios, orando todos los días en el nombre de JESÚS. Bautízate en AGUA y en El ESPÍRITU SANTO DE DIOS, adora, reúnete y sirve con otros cristianos en un Templo donde Cristo es predicado y la Biblia es la suprema autoridad. Habla de Cristo a los demás.

Recibe ayuda para crecer como un nuevo cristiano. Lee libros cristianos que los hermanos Pentecostés o pastores del evangelio de Jesús te recomienden leer y te ayuden a entender más de Jesús y de su palabra sagrada, la Biblia. Libros cristianos están disponibles en gran cantidad en diferentes temas, en tu librería cristiana inmediata a tu barrio, entonces visita a las librerías cristianas con frecuencia, para ver que clase de libros están a tu disposición, para que te ayuden a estudiar y entender las verdades de Dios.

Te doy las gracias por leer mí libro que he escrito para ti, para que te goces en la verdad del Padre Celestial y de su Hijo amado y así comiences a crecer en Él, desde el día de hoy y para siempre.

El salmo 122, en la Santa Biblia, nos llama a pedir por la paz de Jerusalén día a día y sin cesar, en nuestras oraciones. Porque ésta es la tierra, desde donde Dios lanzo hacia todos los continentes de la tierra: todas nuestras bendiciones y salvación eterna de nuestras almas vivientes. Y nos dice Dios mismo, en su Espíritu Eterno: “Vivan tranquilos los que te aman. Haya paz dentro de tus murallas y tranquilidad en tus palacios, Jerusalén”. Por causa de mis hermanos y de mis amigos, diré yo: “Haya paz en ti, siempre Jerusalén”. Por causa de la casa de Jehová nuestro Dios, en el cielo y en la tierra: imploraré por tu bien, por siempre.

El libro de los salmos 150, en la Santa Biblia, declara el Espíritu de Dios a toda la humanidad, diciéndole y asegurándole: - Qué todo lo que respira, alabe el nombre de Jehová de los Ejércitos, ¡el Todopoderoso! Y esto es, de toda letra, de toda palabra, de todo instrumento y de todo corazón, con su voz tiene que rendirle el hombre: gloria y loor al nombre santo de Dios, en la tierra y en las alturas, como antes y como siempre, para la eternidad.





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