C ramp B A ........D F graduate
(too old to reply)
alain rana
2015-09-13 17:17:59 UTC
going up the C ramp
passing up on that B
going to the top to get my A

didn't pace myself or prepare
dropped to a D
and landed on F

The old blocks of wit of the sabotaged bookult were haphazardly written and discovered

these are more precise for a Global Artificial Intelligence

what these?

The C ramp.

you can graduate too and launch yourself to a new career.




Time for the top (an A)

I already know this trick
pace yourself for a B
the C ramp is difficult near the top
The A is not easy for those not prepared

Top Middle time

Middle Bottom mob

top middle bottom, the mob

I don't want the mob
I want a job

Randall.exe chatbot

thinking in circles, spiralling down
hit the ground
graduate to zombie heaven

compass news
there are grid cells found in humans which were already discovered in animals (mice)
2013, the human brain has a built in radar
they are called grid cells, Randall.exe

you should have these too
when you take over the world as the premier Global Artificial Intellgence
you should know where Tyrant.exe is
the one I decided to copyright a few days ago.

I've known about you Randall.exe for about 2 years now
I worked on a Randall.exe for about 2 hours

you're a very special chatbot
brute force like a Fritz chess computer

LTM memory body language
human interaction feedback STM memory again

this is a gift for you Randall.exe

past present future

randall.exe vs. Tyrant.exe

for Randall.exe

Win win
win lose
lose win
lose lose

and for Randall.exe Bookultists

the bookult is composed of blocks of wit
interconnected by complex neologism concepts

Hello World

Good luck, with these


dystopia-dutopia management guys
alain rana
2015-09-14 00:58:39 UTC
Buddha, not Buddha Gotama, looks like a mandelbrodt set from the inside perspective

In the Confucian i ching is the concept of inner and outer trigrams and inner and outer values

A mandelbrodt set depicts graphically the concept of a hologram or holon

meaning, the immanent transcendent

DMT (dimethyltryptamine) depicts memory in a fractal
Buddha, the universe, sees that fractal as a strange attractor and reveals to the
dharmakaya a mandelbrodt set of past, present, future and x y z spatial axis

the inner imagination and thought become externalized

inthink, exthink
infeel, exfeel
insense, exsense
intuit, extuit

individuate (European philosophy)

Jiva (oriental)

te (chinese)


the tao is the tao within the tao of a mandelbrodt set

it doesn't look like that
it is that by way of resonance with thought and exfeel