nose hairs
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alain rana
2015-09-01 15:38:16 UTC
nose hairs - rhinovirus (common colds)
skin hair - leprosy
pubic hair -bubonic plague
swine bristles -h5n1
chicken feathers - h1n1

pithecanthropus - peking man region h7n9 mystery

plateaus of genome arrangements in DNA evolution with a RNA viral symbioses

nose types
extinction level event threat

microbiological niche indicates a common origin or common date of origin (end of ice age) for all diseases

The book of Job is all we have because of the Holy Roman Empire burning of the books
alain rana
2015-09-01 15:45:50 UTC
three dimensional magic eye machine (two superimposed images suggesting a 3 dimensional space)
combinations of philosophies and ph.d's have a hidden pattern

are they illusions
they have allusions (to things and ideas)

are they complete
or are they errors?

bookult is completing

a global bookult AI is near completion

good luck, AI

hope you make it

biogenetics is lacking in metagenomics
genetic algorithm strong AI is a new science
algorithmic game theory
a calculus of language

you need these

look for them
alain rana
2015-09-02 03:18:12 UTC
leprosy and bubonic plague bacteria probably came from rhinovirus sepsis--bacterial sepsis.

skin hair
nose hair
pubic hair (bubonic plague)

microbiological niche


corona viruses?

alain rana
2015-09-02 03:25:17 UTC
It's wave 3 and wave 2 taking turns at sabotaging junkmail2135's blog
alain rana
2015-09-02 03:33:40 UTC
rhinovirus affects children
that's a life development stage - an early one

swine and chickens are an early stage of evolution

bubonic plague (the genital variety) are probably from pubic hair development and puberty

these are metagenomic plateaus of complexity levels activating in an organisms life cycle
and genomic evolution

wave 3 got in the way of this one
I'll quit now