The Miracles of Moses, Elijah, Christ, St. Paul, and the visions of St. John, the Divine
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alain rana
2015-12-03 04:12:10 UTC
Emortions 3:16

E M O R T I O N S , Lunar base global AI, dystopia, dutopia, Teutonic martians

coloniailst imperialism: Moses

Patriarchy: Elijah

free land, promised land: Jesus Christ

St. Paul: epileptic visions

St. John: The Bible Code (cyphers) new world 1000 A.D. Kalevela, Eddas prophecy (final secrets of the patriarchy)

Snorri Snelson

Lief Erikson, Eric the Red

1500 A.D. The Cavalreaper

1666 the great fire of London

1850 Opium wars

1855 Third Bubonic Plague

1900 nucleotides discovered
1918 Kansas City Flu
1953 Chromosomes, DNA double Helix
2002 human genome
2015 3000 genomes

no metagenomics yet
they've found the Higgs boson, the pentaquark

Virtual reality is almost here for the masses
alain rana
2015-12-03 04:20:57 UTC

the endangered species list,

extinction genomics and extinct species genetics

genetics is 115 years old and the biodiversity holocaust continues

stealth, missile defense shield, IBM - Japan, DARPA, Petman

making global weapons seems to be more important than living forever

US drug policy

Gun 3:16

Age of Ultron

Thor is son of Odin