Evil CCP propaganda breaks my heart.
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2013-06-05 11:36:28 UTC
Your heart is the amount of om money money om
that CIA have for you.

I am happy and enjoy peace as I do not
take money to propagate for others.

Jesus will forgive you ,have no fear.

Om money money om
I am sure , he would ask the Dalai Lama to start counting
the days, hours,minutes,seconds when he meet
Buddha to explain why he encourage his supporters
to kill themselves.
You can only go to your dessert god's hell
to repent why you have not follow his way.
You should now where such Evil propaganda comes from, it has no real facts
at all.
Just political propaganda that harms the relations with Tibet and China and
rest of the world. It is truly bad. It makes the heart cry to listen to the
ignorance that you people have fallen into.

Politics are lies anyway and some politics are even worse.

Have a deep wish that wisdom in China will arise and you too.

May you find Peace and Happiness dear friend, you need that so much!

Love, Peter

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