propaganda group 1, group 2, group 3
(too old to reply)
2015-06-09 21:32:20 UTC
the first group is putting me in movies since 1971
the second group was active 1996 to 2015, they sabotaged the bookult blog, whyzard, troubledoor, whatnext, albanburger
I was anal tortured by the second group every second around the years of the writing of the bookult
the third group arrives in 2005 or 2006 and is active to the present (2015).
they also anal tortured me but much more extremely (every second) including the 50,000 hours zero sleep (about 6 years).
the second group was also active during the third group's active years (helpers).
2015-06-10 10:45:20 UTC
propaganda group 1: reign of terror propaganda

propaganda group 2: sabotaged bookult (achieved through anal torture with mazers)

propaganda group 3: anal torture with pre-lazer technology
2015-06-11 03:22:08 UTC
with all the reign of terror proceedings, a new group appears in 2014, most of them vanished already, finding other things to do.

2 o f them remained,

one keeps on telling me jokes
the other, I call zapper, keeps on zapping me (in the you know what by now).

he achieves something the other ones failed to do.
I won't say what it is.

the past 3 decades has been like this for me.
propaganda group after propaganda group appears.