THE BIODIVERSITY HOLOCAUST of modern genetics and Zombie Heaven
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alain rana
2015-12-03 04:39:06 UTC
genetics is 115 years old

nucleotides 1900
DNA double helix 1953
2002 human genome
20015 3000 genomes, no metagenomics yet

endangered species list


manifest destiny
famines in third world countries
climate change

global weapons

free land

free natural resources

X graph of white global weapons, biodiversity, and zombie epidemic likelihood or mutant epidemic

there is a thing called an Extinction Level Event

there should also be a Biodiversity Holocaust and Mutant/Zombie threat assessment

% m Z b
alain rana
2016-01-18 23:55:14 UTC
Blocks of wit

Did you get it?
I didn't
If you read this thread
There is a missing block of wit that has been referenced

The block is supposed to be there
Where is the wit?

X of YX wins
Y of XY loses this one