propaganda hostage endangerment
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alain rana
2015-11-22 08:06:03 UTC
war sports business
pro -facade

propagandists for the white race apotheosis - Saxon, Nordic, Germanic, Teutonic

no ancient history

these be cold anno dominis

500 A.D. Barbarian tribes debut
1000 A.D. Saxon new world debut

a 1,500 years history
they don't have much to talk about
so they bombard me with mazers
mazer bombardment zone
they yell at me a lot
make me throw away my notes
make me yell like them
they have no ancient history
dark ages, they don't have much of a history to begin with
no cultural examples or nothing interesting to talk about
barbaric yelling and grunting during torturing
Freudian id type rage
they make me like them
I parody their grunting
parody their growling
almost 10 years now

they are not very eloquent
they don't know what they are saying
their language is inadequate
Saxon english lacks ancient etymological greek, hebrew, latin prefixes, root words, and suffixes

they grunt
they growl

I have to mimic them
so I parody for them

very odd all of this

very obscene

the entire city can hear me yell
for years
alain rana
2015-11-22 08:11:07 UTC
they tried to make me yell in public so that cellphone camera people would catch it and put it on youtube and it would go viral

now they are trying to do that via usenet again

like the old Bookult sabotage days

wave 2 is very wierd

very barbaric

greed for propaganda

is there even a wave 3?
now they are trying to frame wave 0 mass media
these days it is called the big 5
alain rana
2015-12-03 03:56:34 UTC
The girl from Wave 2 wants another blog challenge

In the bookult usenet (library of congress) 2001 to 2005, she was there too

in the ***@gmail.com blogs she has decided to frame wave 1, group 1

the girl from wave 2 is the team leader?

she's the torturer?
alain rana
2015-12-06 17:44:27 UTC
wave 2 tactic CBMRT

cognitive behavior modification / rectum torture

recently realized that the cognitive component of cognitive behavior modification
is the cause of the yelling.

Saxon and Germanic lack of an ancient history and dark ages,etc. cultural blank.

they are limited to very crude communication topics given 20 years of being here.

they were out of new material in under 1 year 20 years ago and have repeated the same junk

over and over again.

Then the boolean futility then allegiances run around...