history - masks of god volume 2 oriental mythology, volume 3 occidental mythology
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alain rana
2015-08-30 23:54:21 UTC
rhinovirus childhood virus
nose hairs
nose types
skin hair leprosy
bubonic plague pubic hair development
swine flu h5n1 vestigious bristles (lung phlegm cleaning)
chicken feathers h1n1 reptilian bird (lung phlegm cleaning)
body hair types
alain rana
2015-08-30 23:59:11 UTC
biogenetic theory
based off skin and hair
phlegm from rhinovirus 5000 bc. got on skin through sneezing
evolved into leprosy
Book of Job, Holy Bible

Rhinovirus- child lung cleaner (from the new viral symbiosis theory)
it evolves into leprosy.

lots of reasoning
nose hairs
pubic hairs

the logical reasoning is very difficult right now
wave 2 is trying to blackmail wave 3
they are trying to claim they weren't here during the wave 3 years
1996-2005 is their claim
in fact they have been here and active from 1996 to 2015
wave 3 wants to blame wave 2 for manipulating them with deception
alain rana
2015-08-31 00:03:53 UTC
I will also be making a facebook website soon
I am going to blog a metagenomic journal on genetics immortality
hopefully i make it
I'm obviously very occupied with patriarchal reign of terror propaganda pawn business
alain rana
2015-08-31 00:10:04 UTC
allan bennet
liber 777
paramahansa yogananda
autobiography of a yogi

Higgs boson 2012
Bose condesates
Einstien Bose theory

1900 nucleotides
1950 DNA double helix
2002 genomics
2015 1000's of genomes

where's metagenomics?
I think i'll start a think tank
probably a one man think tank
I'm a patriarchal reign of terror propaganda pawn
alain rana
2015-08-31 00:16:27 UTC
the classic sabotaged bookult fight with wave 2
they didn't handle their wave 3 helpers very well
they want to look more professional
i need to remember that wave 3 is trying to use wave 2 as a scapegoat
while wave 0 now called the big 5 (mass media) is trying to protect their assets
and a series of other political snafu
a bunch of them
alain rana
2015-08-31 00:19:23 UTC
History of anonymous tyranny countries
boss tyranny corporations
tyranny cells



Kaballah scapegoat

I Ching

UNESCO blunder
a graveyard of books

1950 DNA double helix
alain rana
2015-08-31 04:33:54 UTC
during the black death and during the bubonic plague and bubonic plague virus? years about 500 bc.
many great religions began

it was a time of great exoteric manipulation of the masses
it was a time of great change
it was a time of great men
and a lot of small people

now there is nothing like that

the new epidemic is Virtual Reality and 3d tv
more people die in 1 hour of video gaming than the entire history of the bubonic plague

mass produced social engineering no longer requires temples and books
legends and myths

the world is in great danger
our brains greet anger

they grow
they go



(first person shooters)