profile of a tyrant
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alain rana
2015-09-12 01:11:09 UTC
exponent of the exponent (anonymous tyranny countries minus enemy)
exponential (war sports and business)
Situation Normal 1
base divided by
win win
win lose
and %lose win

In the brain has been discovered a region that governs the sense of direction
the brain has a built in compass
all animals have this too
The tyrant needs to guide the global Artificial intelligence and lead it to tyranny

this guy's life is too busy
he needs an AI tyranny assistant
alain rana
2015-09-12 01:37:11 UTC
zombie heaven 1 (psychological brain atrophy zombies)
the tyrant's religion

zombie heaven 2 (genetic zombie's)
the tyrant's error

the zombie heaven 1 zombies studied genetics and created zombie heaven 2
alain rana
2015-09-12 09:42:52 UTC
Tyrant.exe needs an artificial intelligence centrope
win to win
lose to win
and win to lose going automatically to lose to win while aiming at win win
causes imbalance and the need for ajustment of base value (% or +/- AFU contains SN1 (which should never been done because it is the base value
the importance of the exponential prime directive of war, sports and business should be adjusted but it can't because of danger
therefore, situation normal 2, the divider is..........

an AI can avoid this problem
but Tyrant.exe might be busy with the win win management

so an A.I. centrope can monitor for lose lose scenarios and check in once every hour.
at the processing speed of modern computers, 1 hour is a million years.

what is an AI centrope?

is an uncomplicated AI, checking for complex phenomena
once again, for ww, LW, wL and LL
the AI centrope not being the tyrant can be allowed to speculate on lose lose

Two tyrant EXE's
one acts as the centrope
the other is the tyrant, in fact, his name is Tyrant.exe

I am no longer using Plinko for the filter of Tyrant.exe's SNAFU 1 and 2 kingdom

a simple horizantal hierarchal table is accurate

the left side of the tilting rectangular table is the hard science books (these deal with war)
the center of the tilting rectungular table deals with sports or culture (sports culture or culture)
the right of the tilting rectangular table deals with business (which handles all of the rest of the duties of the tyrant.exe's SNAFU 1 and 2 kingdom

in fact, this is the exponent value (war and sports) or (wor or sports) x business
being exponential, the exponent war, sports, business should be monitored

Tyrant.exe is a game theory AI (global)
where is the compass news?

war sports business
% or +/- AFU contains SN1
(Big game, small talk) SN2

War Sports Business

win win lose win win lose

the upper half of the WSB rectangle is %
the lower half of the WSB rectangle is +/-
distance and proximity

for instance, business is a win lose game
it needs to tilt the rectangular table to the left to war to increase its chance of winning
it passes sports or culture on its way

another example
War becomes left tilt heavy
needs the middle and right side

very theoretical and obvious

today Tyrant.exe is just surveying the SNAFU 1 and 2 kingdom
making sure his favorite exponent concern is exponentially being taken care of by the WSB rectangular table

the books of Tyrant.exe that he rules over.....
alain rana
2015-09-12 10:02:38 UTC
Word swords

compass news

percussive consonants
vowel sounds

failed prompted brainstorm
has become sabotaged brainstorm failure
now a simulated brainstorm is soon to disrupt tyrant.exe's SNAFU 1 and 2 kingdom

and here it is, the profile of the tyrant in this reply to the post

they are being tyrants right now
they even want to tyrannize tyrant.exe

alain rana
2015-09-12 09:54:39 UTC
The bookult desabotaged

Blocks of wit

can be rearranged

on a brain mind map

interconnecting lines
between each block of wit

tyrant.exe could arrange these on his rectangular table that he apparently likes to look at a lot

I bet they would too